Sexy underwear dancing small video

Sexy underwear dancing small video


Dancing is an excellent way to show their charm.Coupled with the temptation of sexy underwear, the entire stage can be ignited instantly.Today I will share some small videos of sexy underwear hot girls dancing, so that you can feel the sexy vision and the rhythm of music.Come and feel it!

Dance type 1: steel pipe dance

Steel dance is a very popular form of dance in recent years.Against the lingerie, the gorgeous aura and beautiful dance posture are very stunning.Look at these steel pipe girls, will you be attracted by their charm?

Dance type 2: Jazz Dance

Jazz dance is an elegant, jumping dance, and the editor thinks it is very suitable for the display of sexy underwear.Except the perfect lines of women and release the sexy charm of women.The exquisite dance skills of these dancers and erotic underwear make you linger.

Dance type 3: ballet

Ballet is an elegant and noble dance. For sexy underwear, it is also a very suitable form.Ballet’s slender body lines and beautiful dance steps, as well as the gorgeousness of sexy underwear, this combination is so perfect.

Dance type 4: Jazz Dance and Pole Dance

Modern fusion dance is different from the traditional dance style, and it pays more attention to the sexy and charm of women.This dance diversity is particularly suitable for sexy underwear.These dancers combined the steel pipe dance and jazz dance perfectly, making people want to learn.

Dance Type 5: National Dance

The national dance adheres to the four characteristics of humanities, folkness, historical, and artistic, and often depicts themes such as life, nature, labor, and war.On the basis of sexy underwear, ethnic dance no longer presents traditional stability, but adds many modern elements to make dance more vibrant.

Dance type 6: belly dance

The belly dance is characterized by the control and coordination of the abdomen’s limbs and muscles.This kind of dance is also very suitable for displaying under the matching of sexy underwear.It can make women’s body lines more perfect, while showing women’s gracefulness.

Dance type 7: Flying San Dance

Fei Dance originated in Africa and the Caribbean region and is a form of dance that mobilizes the whole body and arms.It is very dynamic and irritating, and is one of the excellent dance matching of sexy underwear.Look at the madness of these dancers, have you been enthusiastic about it?

Dance Type 8: Modern Dance

Modern dance is a free and smooth dance form, often showing a youthful dance style.This dance style with sexy underwear is very attractive to young women who love beauty.Get dance and release your own charm.


Dance is an excellent way to show the charm of women. Through the combination of sexy underwear and various dances, the lines and dance posture of women’s bodies are more charming.Their sexy and desires of their dance have greatly enjoyed both visual and hearing.

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