Taobao sex underwear margin

What is Taobao sex underwear margin?

Taobao sex underwear margin refers to a certain amount that merchants need to pay when they open sex underwear shops on Taobao as the quality commitment to product quality, genuine guarantee, and after -sales service.The amount of margin is generally ranging from 10%to 20%of the first transaction of the store.

The benefits of paying Taobao sex lingerie deposit

Paying Taobao sex underwear margin allows the store to gain more advantages and trust, making consumers shop more assured to shop in the store.In addition, payment margin can also increase the credibility and ranking of stores on Taobao platforms, increasing exposure.

Taobao sex underwear margin returns

Taobao sex underwear margin is generally returned when the store is closed or upgraded.If the store has no illegal situation and the buyer’s complaint rate is lower than the average level within the validity period, then the deposit will return to the account balance of the merchant when returning.If there is a high or buyer’s complaint rate, the margin may be partially or all deducted.

Illegal situation

If there are some illegal acts in the operation of the store, the security deposit will be deducted, such as: publishing false product information, selling counterfeit and inferior products, malicious ordering, stealing other people’s shop pictures, etc.


Before paying Taobao sex underwear margin, merchants need to carefully read Taobao related clauses to ensure that the store is standardized and complies with the requirements of the Taobao platform, otherwise it may cause the deposit to be deducted or the store is closed.

Protect your rights

If the merchant encounters the failure to return the security deposit, they can contact Taobao customer service to consult and serve to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

How to improve the reputation of store and after -sales service

When operating Taobao sex underwear shops, merchants need to pay attention to the quality of the goods and the quality of after -sales service, and deal with the buyer’s complaints and disputes in a timely manner. This can enhance the credibility and scores of the store, thereby increasing the sales of store sales and user satisfaction.


Taobao sex underwear margin is a measure to ensure the rights of merchants and consumers. When opening Taobao sex underwear shops, it can carefully read the Taobao platform regulations and abide by the law to better avoid risks and improve the reputation of the store.

As consumers, when buying sexy underwear, you should also pay attention to the credibility of the merchant and the quality of after -sales service to ensure your shopping experience.

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