Sexy underwear training 20p 20p

Sexy underwear training 20p 20p

Interest underwear is one of the important tools for contemporary women to perform sexual training. It can not only enhance the fun of sex, but also effectively improve the emotional communication and communication between husband and wife.Below, this article will introduce you to some sexy underwear for training methods to help you create a more exciting sex experience.

1. Choose the right sexy underwear

Before the erotic lingerie training, you first need to choose a suitable sexy underwear.Choose different styles of sexy underwear according to personal preferences, body shape, personality and other factors, such as lace underwear, leather underwear, stockings, etc.Whatever style, pay attention to keeping the underwear clean and hygienic to avoid bringing unnecessary hygiene hazards to sex.

2. Understand the sensitive areas of the body and sex organs

When making sexy underwear, you need to understand the sensitive areas of yourself and the other person’s body and sexual organs.For example, women’s nipples, clitoris, labia, etc. are highly sensitive areas. Men’s glans and penis roots are also highly sensitive areas.After understanding these sensitive areas, you can make targeted tuning to achieve better results.

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3. Adjust the tightness and location of sexy underwear

After wearing a sexy underwear, you need to adjust the tightness and location of underwear.Excessive or loose sexy underwear will affect the effect of tuning, and the correct position and tightness can create a more exciting sex experience.It should be noted that when adjusting, pay attention to respect the comfort of the other party to avoid causing unnecessary pain or discomfort.

Fourth, use strange posture and skills

When making sexy underwear, you also need to use strange postures and skills.For example, you can use a variety of holdings, leg support, inverted posture, etc. to create a more exciting and colorful sex experience.In addition, you can also use some special techniques, such as light bite, blowing, push -ups, etc. to stimulate sensitive areas and increase style and passion.

5. Use sex items to increase fun

In addition to sexy underwear, you can also choose to use some erotic props to increase fun.For example, various props such as simulation penis, jumping eggs, handcuffs, and mouthball can create a more exciting and passionate sex experience.However, before using interesting props, you need to understand each other’s preferences and interests to avoid unnecessary embarrassment and discomfort.

6. Regular communication and communication

When making sexy underwear, you need to communicate and communicate frequently.Through communication and communication, you can understand each other’s ideas and needs, and better meet each other’s needs and expectations.When communicating and communicating, you need to pay attention to your own tone and attitude, respect the other party’s feelings and needs to achieve the effect of mutual communication, understanding and support.

7. Maintain patient and balanced mentality

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When making sexy underwear, you need to maintain patience and balance.Everyone’s body and psychological situation are different, and the training effect will vary from person to person.Therefore, you need to give each other sufficient patience and understanding to achieve better results.At the same time, we must also maintain a balanced mentality, avoid excessive indulgence of sex, and affect the normal life and work of yourself and the other party.

8. Combined with festivals and occasions for tuning

On festivals and special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, Anniversary Day, Birthday, etc., you can combine sexy underwear to increase the atmosphere and romance of the festival and occasions.For example, wearing sexy sexy underwear on Valentine’s Day and enjoying a romantic and exciting sex experience together will make each other’s feelings deeper and intimate.

Viewpoint: Fun underwear training is a colorful, exciting and passionate sex experience, and an important way for couples to improve feelings and communication.However, you need to pay attention to comfort and respect for the other party’s needs and feelings when you have a sense of sexual underwear to achieve better results.