Sexy underwear walking show iqiyi

Sexy underwear walking show iqiyi

Interesting underwear walking show Qiqiyi: The perfect combination of sexy aesthetics and fashion trends


In today’s society, people’s openness of gender, sex and other topics is getting higher and higher, and sexy underwear, as a symbol of sexy and physical confidence, has become part of fashion consumer goods.And more and more sexy underwear brands have chosen to show their exquisite design and production processes on various catwalks, fashion weeks, and social media platforms.Today, let’s take a look at the performance of sexy underwear show on iQiyi.

The continuous integration of fashion elements:

The sexy underwear walking show is no longer a single sexy and exposed manifestation. Now the design is increasingly focusing on the integration of the curve of the body. It uses different materials and fabrics, such as lace, silk, net yarn, etc.More natural, comfortable rather than excessive exposure.At the same time, the combination of different colors has also become an important element of design. It is free of three colors of black and white and gray in the past, and choose more colors to express the sexy elements of sexy underwear.

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S three -dimensional cutting and fabric selection:

In order to better fit the female body, the current sex underwear has more investment in cutting.After the three -dimensional tailoring design, the sexy underwear is more stylish, reflects the beauty of women’s curves, and also increases the comfort of women.In terms of fabric selection, the use of blended materials and natural fabrics is more extensive, and most of the sexy underwear contains elastic fibers, which naturally fit, while maintaining the sexy feeling of sexy underwear.

Innovative and diversified design:

The design of sexy underwear catwalk is also becoming more and more diversified, and designers have also begun to use new design ideas in the design and production of sexy underwear.For example, some brands use hollow design to make sexy and romantic coexistence; some brands integrate energy elements into the design of sexy underwear, so that women can express their own personality and increase self -confidence when wearing.

Underwear is customized in different occasions:

At the sex underwear catwalk scene, you will find that many brands design different sexy lingerie styles for different occasions.For example, the party -type erotic underwear, the party -type sexy underwear focuses on the comfort and delicate wearing, the color is similar to ordinary underwear, and the comes with the jewelry is more exquisite.The blow power shows more skin to express the confidence and style of women.

Sex underwear show with:

The sexy underwear show is matched with the entire shape. The wearers often match high heels or stockings, which are also a big highlight in matching.In the field of erotic underwear, whether it is socks, shoes, accessories, clothing, or even cosmetics, it is an indispensable part of the overall shape. Only a perfectly matched overall shape can maximize the charm of sexy underwear.

Walk show positioning and market expansion:


The positioning of sexy underwear catwalks is more concerned about the comfort of women’s wear, making women feel freedom and freedom.With the continuous development of the erotic underwear industry, more and more brands have begun to use sex underwear walking shows as part of its own brand development.Whether it is a traditional sexy lingerie brand or an Internet brand, they have done their efforts in the catwalk session, so that more people can understand the industry, and it has also promoted the market expansion of the industry.

Diversification of sexy underwear catwalk show:

In addition to the diverse design of sexy underwear catwalks, it also includes the diverse style of various brand catwalks.Japanese style, European and American style, Chinese style sexy underwear catwalk, each style has its own characteristics, so that more people feel the sexy and charm of sexy underwear.

Frequent market competition:

With the increasingly common of sexy underwear catwalks, many brands have appeared in the market, and competition is becoming more and more intense.In order to win the market share, brands continue to innovate, bring more diversified designs to customers, and let more consumers understand the market value of affection underwear.

in conclusion:

As an emerging industry, sexy underwear walking show has attracted the attention of many people and has also promoted the rapid development of the sex underwear industry.The diversification of the catwalk not only gives the designer more creative space, but also makes more people feel the beauty and sexy of sexy underwear.We look forward to the fun underwear catwalk show in the future to bring us more surprises and expansion.