The brand of sexy underwear is not fat


Sex underwear has always been a more cautious choice when women buy, because a suitable sexy underwear can not only create sexy and elegant figure lines, but also bring confidence and confidence to women.However, many female friends are not too daring to wear sexy underwear because they are too fat, and they are worried about exposing their body defects.But as long as you choose the brand and style that suits you, you can wear your favorite sexy trend.In the following paragraphs, I will recommend you some sexy underwear brands that are not fat, helping you to create a charming curve.

Brand 1: Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is a brand that specializes in the production of women’s underwear. It has diverse styles and guaranteed quality.Its product design has a lot of adjustments and adaptation for different body shapes, such as thickening shoulder straps and wide back design, which can provide effective support and shaping effects, which is favored by female consumers.At the same time, Victoria’s Secret also has many large -scale underwear options to better meet the needs of different body types.

Brand 2: Aimer

Aimer is a female underwear brand that originated in China, facing the international market, and is loved by global female consumers.Aimer focuses on comfort and practicality in product design, and their underwear not only has a shape effect, but also applies to different body types.If you are a girl with individual money, Aimer’s sexy underwear choice is best for you.

Brand 3: La Perla

Another underwear brand designed for women is La Perla. This brand has a high reputation in Europe and is also selling globally.La Perla focuses on design and innovation. Its product line covers all kinds of underwear styles suitable for various figures, styles and occasions.This brand has many decent strategic cooperation, including cooperation with Versace to ensure that they continue to launch novel products, so that women with full figure can also wear sexy charm.

Brand 4: Wolford

Wolford is a underwear brand focusing on tightening, slimming and modifying. There are many styles of the product lines for fat people.Compared with other brands, its temperament shows a noble elegance, which is very suitable for those women who want to find self -confidence and elegance in their hearts.In addition, Wolford will release novel and high -quality products every quarter. Its underwear style is diverse, which reflects the diversity and independence of women.

Brand 5: intimissimi

Intimissimi is a sexy underwear brand from Italy. Although their product lines are not very comprehensive, they are still indispensable underwear brands for women.Intimissimi focuses on comfort and high -quality fabrics, and there are many different styles, suitable for different body and style women.For women who are fat or pregnant, their style coefficients are very good.

Brand 6: Empreinte

Empreinte is a brand specializing in large cups of underwear.Different from other brands containing large size underwear, Empreinte uses less sponge filling, but focuses on the design of product design on tight collection and support.Due to this design adjustment, it excellently meets the needs of those big breasts who want to highlight sexy, and reduce the horizontal diffusion of the set in this area.

Brand 7: Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky’s underwear is mainly for women who seek better comfort and looseness.The style of this brand is extremely suitable for women who need to stretch more, especially independent temperament women who are eager to loose.Because of this brand’s hand -in -hand design, women who are fat can enhance their self -confidence while feeling freedom.

Brand 8: Nubian Skin

For women who are not whitening skin, finding a sexy underwear similar to skin color has always been a challenge.However, Nubian Skin is a brand specially designed for women with deeper complexion.Its underwear uses smooth, comfortable and anti -allergic fabrics, suitable for women of any type of figure, and has always tightened and shaped those who are fat.

Brand 9: Wacoal

Wacoal is a brand that provides women with various underwear. No matter what type of women, it seems that they can find a sexy underwear that suits them here.In terms of selection, Wacoal is very careful and puts energy on the adjustment and protection of women’s figure.All underwear are comfortable and adaptable, but more importantly, they can show the unique charm of women.

Brand 10: ThirdLove

ThirdLove is a underwear brand for all body shape. 90%of its products are styles containing large cups and large -scale underwear.Compared with other brands, ThirdLove can better solve the problem of fat women with thin body. Its product series include shaped underwear and wireless styles, as well as comfortable thin materials.No matter what size or type you are, ThirdLove can provide you with the best underwear experience.


There are many different styles and adjustments to different body shapes for different brands. This should be referenced when choosing underwear.However, the most important thing is to find the brand and style that suits you, and make choices based on your body shape and preference.Choosing suitable sexy underwear can not only enhance women’s confidence, but also help you create the most beautiful figure.Therefore, good erotic underwear brands can increase your charm and make you more confident, beautiful and charming.

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