The embarrassment of sexy underwear


Sex underwear, as a special underwear, aims to show women’s sexy and charm.However, wearing erotic underwear is often embarrassing.So what embarrassment does this underwear bring?How to solve this embarrassment?This article will answer you in detail.

The embarrassment of sexy underwear

Wearing erotic underwear, especially in public or with people who are not familiar with, often make people feel uneasy and nervous.First of all, because sexy underwear is usually exposed to the skin, wearing it outside will look very decent, and may even make people feel that the other person is "seduce" themselves.Secondly, wearing sexy underwear is sometimes prone to inappropriate moments, such as being hit by others, or exposing underwear when bending.These situations make people feel embarrassing and uncomfortable.

How to choose sexy underwear

Although sexy underwear is easy to feel embarrassed, as long as you choose properly, you can avoid this embarrassment.First of all, choose the right sexy underwear based on your body and style, do not follow the trend, choose the style that is not suitable for you.Secondly, you need to choose a suitable sexy underwear, and wearing too tight or loose underwear will make people feel uncomfortable.Finally, select sexy underwear suitable for occasions, such as wearing in private places or when dating, rather than wearing in public.

Sexy underwear matching

When wearing sexy underwear, matching is also a very important part.Be careful not to be too publicized, choose the clothing that matches the sexy underwear, such as not wearing too exposed clothes outside, so that it is easy to cause discomfort from others.You can choose some sexy fur or chiffon jackets for matching, which is both warm and suitable.

Maintain a confident mentality

It is also very important to maintain a self -confidence when wearing sexy underwear.Don’t be too restrained or inferior, so it is easy to make others feel your tension and uncomfortable.On the contrary, if you can maintain a natural attitude and confident smile, then wearing sexy underwear will not bring you any embarrassment.

How to avoid embarrassment

When wearing sexy underwear, there are some tips to help you avoid embarrassment.For example, you can choose to wear sexy underwear with familiar people at home.In addition, you can choose a private place at dating, so that love and enthusiasm are more rich.

The importance of sexy underwear

Although sexy underwear is easy to bring some embarrassment, its importance cannot be ignored.Wearing sexy underwear can not only help women show their charm and sexy, but also enhance the taste and enthusiasm between men and women.On the journey of love, the pleasure and romance brought by sexy underwear are unparalleled.

Types of sex underwear

There are many types of sexy underwear, including pajamas, bikini, lace underwear, etc.Among them, pajamas and bikinis are suitable for wearing at home, or wearing in private places, while lace underwear is more suitable for wearing women to show women’s charm and sexy.

The color of sexy underwear

The color of sexy underwear is also very important. Different colors can show different sexy and charm.For example, black and red are very sexy colors, suitable for wearing special occasions, and should not be too public in daily life.The soft colors such as light pink and light purple are suitable for daily life.

Select sex underwear in combination with your own personality

The most important thing to wear sexy underwear is to choose from your own personality and temperament.If you are a cheerful and lively girl, you can choose some bright and bold styles to show your enthusiasm and spirit; and if you are an introverted and gentle girl, you can choose some soft and elegant styles,Show your charm and temperament.

in conclusion

Wearing erotic underwear, especially in public, may bring people a sense of embarrassment, but as long as you choose properly, match it properly, and maintain a confident mentality, you can avoid this embarrassment and show your charm and sexy.Sex underwear is very important for love and enthusiasm. Therefore, we can choose sexy underwear suitable for our style and personality to achieve better results.

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