The erotic lingerie is so cool

[Small title: What is sexy underwear?.

Interest underwear is a special underwear. The design is mainly based on sexy, teasing, and stimuli. It pays more attention to the sentiment and interest of sexual life. It is suitable for products that improve emotion and improve the quality of sexual life between couples or couples.

【Small Title: Classification of Instead of Instead】

Sex underwear can be divided into multiple types according to different design and functions, such as: open pants, sexy suits, hollow and temptation, and so on.

Set: It is a product that contains two or more parts of the bottom or bottom. Both men and women can be used. The rich design, materials and colors make people feel more sexy and picky.

Open pants: It is a sexy small underwear that is only covered with a little bit, and it is also a more common sexy underwear for women, which can play a role of sexy and exciting.

Hollow type: It refers to a sexy underwear that is drilled and hollowed out in key parts, which is often used to add passion between couples.

Temptation: Living in the type of open underwear, it is strong, mostly designed to be designed in the form of open bras or open installations, which aims to stimulate sexual desire.

[Small Title: Quota Lingerie Material]

Interesting underwear has a wide variety of materials, commonly includes silk, cotton, mesh, lace, etc., and needs to be selected according to different user needs.

Silk: It has excellent texture, has a certain luster and beautiful feel. It is suitable for users to pursue high -quality and noble occasions, but the price is more expensive.

Cotton: Both breathability and comfort are better, which is a suitable choice for white -collar workers and housewives. At the same time, the price is more affordable.

Net yarn: Net -eye material can achieve a unique effect, have a strong sense of excitement, and is suitable for the needs of rising interest in sexual life.

Lace: The texture is soft, comfortable, sexy, romantic, and stylish, suitable for user needs that pay attention to emotional experience and tourist accommodation scenes.

[Small title: Precautions for buying sexy underwear]

When buying sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

Gender: Because the physical proportion of men and women is different from the physical structure, you need to choose your own gender underwear.

Body shape: You need to choose a sexy underwear that is suitable for your body, such as: bust, hips, waist circumference and other indicators.

Fabric: You need to choose a comfortable and suitable fabric, otherwise it may affect the comfort of the user.

Sexuality: Although the original intention of sexy underwear design is to increase emotional experience and sexual interests, for people with too shy sex, they can find some stable and textured styles.

Price: Due to the particularity of sexy underwear design and functions, the price may be more expensive than traditional underwear. In order to ensure that your cost is controlled within a reasonable range, it is necessary to consider comprehensive consideration according to the budget when choosing.

[Small Title: How to wear erotic underwear]

Pay attention to the following details when wearing sexy underwear:

Power: Don’t pull too much to avoid damage, be gentle when getting rid of.

Cleaning: It is recommended to wash it by hand. Do not use a professional cleaner with a washing machine.

Maintenance: Avoid direct exposure of sunlight, store it in a cool place, do not stack together.

Accessories: You can choose the right accessories according to your preferences and needs, such as handcuffs, collar, etc.

【Small Title: Collect of Instead of Instead】

Sexy underwear can be matched with various clothing, which is matched according to different atmosphere and occasions. Here are some common sexy underwear matching skills:

Hidden: When choosing a small sexy underwear to match T -shirts and shirts, the color of the underwear is best similar to the color of the clothes to avoid making it look incompatible.

Sweet: Lace underwear has a romantic and fresh style, and it has a better effect with a light color dress.

Sexy: Sexy underwear can be paired with black dresses, skirts or tights to create different degrees of temptation effects.

[Small Title: Place of Instead of Instead of Instead]

The use of sex underwear is mainly used in the private space of two people, such as in bedrooms, hotels, beaches and other places.It is recommended not to use in public places to avoid embarrassment and inappropriate situations.

[Small title: The psychological effect of sexy underwear]

Interest underwear is not just an ordinary underwear, but also has certain psychological effects behind it, such as enhanced interests, stimulate nerves, enhance emotional experience, etc. These are all necessary conditions for gaining better sexual life.

[Small Title: Influence on Sex Life in Sex]

The use of sexy underwear in sex will bring a lot of positive impact, such as enhancing the emotional communication ability of both parties, improving the quality of sexual life, deepening emotional resonance, and so on.

【Small Title: Conclusion Views】

To try new posture and experience in sex, sexy underwear is definitely a good choice.Reasonable choice of sexy lingerie, purchasing channels and prices, and reasonable combination and use are the key to help to enhance the quality of interest and sexual life.

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