The hot body of the beauty wears a sexy underwear

The hot body of the beauty wears a sexy underwear

In the field of fashion, sexy underwear has always been one of the topics that have attracted much attention.Whether you want to improve your confidence or seek irritating comfortable experience, sexy underwear is a very good choice.For those beautiful women with hot figure, a suitable sexy underwear can double the sexy and exudes infinite charm.In this article, we will introduce you to how to choose and match sex underwear to make your figure more charming.

1. Choose the right style

Different figures are suitable for different styles, and the right style is to perfectly modify the figure.For example, when you have a fuller chest, a bra with lace -shaped edges and wider straps will be more suitable, because this style can create a feeling of a large breast, and naturally grasp the eyes of everyoneEssence

Second, color choice

The color of sexy underwear also needs to be fully considered.For beautiful women with white skin, pink and light blue are very good choices.And when your skin tone is darker, bright red and lake blue are more suitable.No matter what color you choose, you must pay attention to the color matching to achieve a harmonious effect.

Third, the choice of material

When choosing a sexy underwear, the choice of material is also very important.Try to choose fabrics with good breathability, so that even sweating will make you feel very comfortable.For example, cotton fabrics and lace fabrics are good choices. It can maintain both softness and breathable effect, which is very comfortable.

Fourth, the use of lace

The use of lace fabrics is a classic of sexy underwear, especially in terms of dotted details. Its subtle beauty can bring new imagination from the classics.It is suitable for various styles and various occasions.And don’t forget that the more the lace effect reveals the better, you can show your body advantage as much as possible.

5. Application of perspective effect

The perspective effect is a very obvious feature of sexy underwear. The sexy underwear using the perspective fabric can create a light and mysterious effect.Sexy underwear with perspective effects is suitable for women who are not too big or sexy women who want to create chest shapes.

Six, blessing of chest pads

For beauties with less full breasts, chest pads are a very good choice.It can reveal the convex part of the breast and create a measured breast line.Some bras with hollow design can achieve very good results, which can enhance the temperament and effect of the wearer.

Seven, high waist underwear matching

For those beautiful women who want to have a perfect proportion, high waist underwear may be a better matching option.Make your small waist thinner, make your ass more prominent, and make your entire body proportion more harmonious.

8. The magic of the black bra

Black sexy underwear has always been a classic representative. No matter what the shape you want, the black bra is a choice that is not to be missed.Because black erotic underwear can bring a mysterious and tempting effect, perfectly show your body advantage.

In the final analysis, wearing erotic underwear is not for others, but for yourself, it is more a kind of investment and caring for your own performance.Choosing the right erotic underwear does not need to be sewed or selected by yourself. You only need to ask for help from a professional sexy lingerie store. They will create a perfect sexy underwear for you according to your figure characteristics and needs.

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