Transparent sexy underwear 130 catties

Transparent sexy underwear 130 catties


Sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular among modern women, and transparent sexy underwear is more popular.However, for women with a slightly plump figure, wearing such underwear needs to be cautious.This article will explore the adequacy of transparent sexy underwear to women with 130 pounds of weight, and provide some proposal and precautions.

The concept of transparent sex lingerie

Transparent sexy underwear is a sexy underwear, which is usually made of transparent fabric, showing the curve and good texture of the female body with temptation and good texture.Transparent sexy underwear usually includes bras, underwear, sling, socks, etc.

Whether transparent sex lingerie is suitable for 130 catties women

Transparent sexy underwear looks very sexy, but for some women with a slightly plump figure, choosing transparent sexy underwear needs to be more cautious.When 130 pounds of women wear transparent sexy underwear, they need to pay special attention to the materials and styles of the underwear. It is best to choose soft and personal materials to avoid excessive material scratching the skin or leaning too tightly to avoid affecting comfort and aesthetic effect.

How to choose the material and style of transparent sexy underwear

When choosing transparent sexy underwear, it is best to choose soft and comfortable materials such as latex, silk, or lace. The transparent sexy underwear with excellent material is not only uncomfortable to wear, but also easy to stray out of fat, which affects the overall aesthetic effect.In terms of style, it is best to use a small amount of decoration, simple and generous style, which will not look too strong without sexy.

How to match clothes

Transparent erotic underwear is not suitable for wearing in the formal field, but with suitable jewelry in special occasions, it can add sexy charm of women.For example, a transparent erotic underwear, a high -waisted skirt, a red lips, and high heels can be paired at a dinner. The whole shape is neither dignified and sexy.

Maintenance of transparent sex lingerie

In order to protect the materials of transparent erotic lingerie and extend the service life, the underwear should be turned inside during washing, and washed with cold water hands. Do not use a powerful pollutant.After cleaning, it should be dried flat without drying at high temperature to avoid damaging the fiber structure of the underwear.

Internal dressing suggestions of transparent sexy underwear

Inner wear suggestions include choosing suitable underwear and bras to ensure its aesthetic effect and wearing comfort.130 pounds of women are suitable to choose a clustering bra, a thick cup, lace texture or a toffee -colored underwear, neither stretch too tight nor showing fat.

Suggestion of transparent sex lingerie purchase suggestion

When buying transparent sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose a high -quality brand and formal seller to avoid adverse effects to buy inferior products.At the same time, when choosing underwear, you should combine your body characteristics and preferences to ensure that the style and size of the underwear are suitable for you.

How to maintain the privacy of transparent sexy underwear

The privacy of transparent erotic underwear needs to be maintained. It is recommended not to expose underwear in the sun or store in a humid environment for a long time, and do not mix with non -transparent underwear, so as not to affect the beauty of the underwear.

Fashion is not equal to it

In the end, it is important to emphasize that fashion is not suitable.Although transparent sexy underwear is sexy and seductive, not everyone is suitable for wearing.If you want to wear transparent sexy underwear to show sexy charm, you must start with the characteristics of your personal figure, and choose the style and material that suits your own underwear in order to better play the beauty and sexuality that the underwear itself should have.

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