Various sexy underwear wearing methods

Various sexy underwear wearing methods

Sex underwear is a variant of sex toys. It can create a romantic atmosphere for couples and enhance their love between the two.Due to the variety of sexy underwear, many people feel unknown how to wear.This article will introduce you to different styles of sexy underwear to help you easily create sexy charm.

1. stockings

Stockings can improve women’s sexy indexes, especially black stockings.When wearing, be careful not to match the too thick skirt, preferably short skirts or shorts.With high heels, the legs can make the legs slimmer and more attractive.

2. Quota underwear suit

The sexy lingerie set usually includes two parts: top and lower part. You should choose the corresponding size when wearing.The method of wearing the top can be passed from the head or the back of the back.The method of wearing the next dress is to wear from the feet and pull it up to the waist.

3. Sexy silk pajamas

The style of pajamas has long -sleeved long pants, long -sleeved shorts and suspenders. The choice of style needs to be determined according to its own shape and temperament.You can choose the appropriate underwear or stockings to match it, which can make pajamas more sexy.

4. Fairy Tale series underwear

The fairy tale series underwear is mainly pink, and the cute paste and bow are embellished in it, creating a sweet atmosphere.You need to wear from your feet when you wear, and then put on your shirt.The selected size should be consistent with its actual size.

5. Lace three -point set

Lace three -point set is a more popular sexy underwear. Its method of dressing is similar to that of sexy underwear suits. I like to match some accessories and stockings, which is more attractive.

6. bellyband

The bellyband is a small and exquisite sexy underwear. It is very simple to wear. You can choose to bind or lace the front.With shorts or skirts, add cute sensation.

7. Cotton solid color pajamas

Cotton solid pajamas style is relatively simple, but after wearing it, the breath is fresh and comfortable and pleasant.Optional sweater or coat with small arm sleeves, with cocoon pants, show the sexy charm of home.

8. suspender vest nighttime

The suspender vest nighttime can be worn as daily pajamas, or when the two are alone to increase interest. The suspender vest can be paired with shorts or stockings to make people look more sexy.

9. lace split pajamas

Lace split pajamas are a variant of sexy underwear. It is divided into two parts, which can be flexibly matched. The top can be paired with shorts or stockings.

10. Bride’s sexy sheet

The bride’s sexy underwear is usually white as the main color, with exquisite lace and small diamonds, which makes people show noble and elegant.With long white gauze skirts and white high heels, you can make you shine on the wedding day.


Wearing sexy underwear needs to choose the corresponding styles and matching according to your body and temperament.Pay attention to the selection of the size during the wear process, and should not be too tight or too loose, so as to better show your charm.The most important thing is to maintain self -confidence, perfect the perfect combination of sexy and self -confidence, and create your own sexy charm.

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