Wang Wanyou bathroom sexy underwear

The entry style of the bathroom sex lingerie

Wang Wanyou is a very popular Internet celebrity recently. Her bathroom erotic underwear is not only sexy teasing, but also has a variety of styles, suitable for different occasions.If you are a beginner in sex underwear, you can try to choose the entry style, such as simple models, lace models, leopard models, lace models, etc., the color is black, white, pink as the mainstream color.

Different figures wearing fun underwear skills

Wearing sexy underwear needs to consider body figure, and different figures need to use different dressing skills.If you are a thin body, you can choose low waist pants, thick chest pads, etc.If you are full of figure, you can choose high waist pants or sexy underwear with waist effects to increase visual slender effects.

Precautions for wearing sexy underwear in summer

Summer high temperature is not suitable for wearing too heavy sexy underwear. You should choose a thin and light material style.At the same time, it is also important to avoid skin sensitivity and itching caused by sweating. It is very important to choose fabrics with good breathability.

Fashion choice for wearing sexy underwear in winter

In winter, it is suitable for wearing sexy underwear with warm -keeping effects, such as a touch of sexy underwear, long warm thigh socks.In the color tone, you can choose warm -colored styles, such as brown, wine red, brown, etc.

Selected sex underwear style selected by private occasions

In private occasions, sexy underwear wearing transparent effects will be more tempting.At the same time, it is necessary to consider whether to cooperate with other sexy accessories, such as high heels, stockings, lace gloves, etc. to create a perfect sexy shape.

Maintenance method of sexy underwear

Although sexy underwear is sexy, it also needs to be properly maintained.You need to follow the washing instructions for the sexy underwear you purchased. Do not choose powerful laundry fluids and alkaline cleaners to avoid wear and deformation.

Fairy underwear style suitable for sex parties

Sex underwear is also suitable for different party occasions, such as Christmas party, Halloween parties, etc.For these parties, choose more gorgeous and luxurious sexy lingerie styles, such as diamonds, fox tail models, leather models, etc., highlighting the sexy and charm of the field.

For sexy lingerie styles for private life at night

In a private life at night, choosing a sexy lingerie style that suits you can achieve better sexy effects.You can choose transparent lace models, sexy underwear with open crotch design, and teasing face keywords, etc., so that life is full of interest.

Sexy underwear accessories matching skills

The matching of sexy underwear also needs to consider the appropriate matching of other sexy accessories.If you choose meat -colored stockings and black sexy underwear, you can even increase the gorgeous and texture of the entire shape.

Suggestions for bathroom sex underwear

Bathroom sexy underwear is a special type of sexy underwear, which requires good waterproof effects.Select the material with good material, such as the material of the coating waterproof effect and tight -fitting style to ensure the comfort and sexy after wearing the bathroom.


Whether it is a beginner or a senior enthusiast, you need some skills and methods for the choice and dressing of sexy underwear.However, it should be remembered that wearing sexy underwear needs more confidence and self -love, making them a tool and way to show your personal charm, full of fun and fun in life.

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