Wearing a sexy underwear beauty walks on the street

Wearing a sexy underwear beauty walks on the street

As a fashionable female costume, sexy underwear looks mysterious and interesting in the eyes of many people.As we all know, wearing sexy underwear can make women more sexy and charming.But for most women, wearing erotic underwear on the street is very challenging and embarrassing.So, if women want to wear sexy underwear on the street, what should I pay attention to when wearing and matching?This article will make detailed answers to you from 8 to 10 paragraphs.

Part 1: Selection of sexy underwear

To wear sexy underwear on the street, you must first choose the appropriate style according to your body and characteristics.If women are more petite, you can choose some waist -shaped underwear to make your body slimmer and fuller chest shape.If women are full of figure, you can choose some underwear that can lose weight and have chest -holding effects.Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can make women more confident and comfortable on the street.

Part 2: Fun underwear style

There are many styles of sexy underwear, such as lace bra and hollow style.When choosing, you must focus on showing your sexy charm, and choose the right style according to your body.For example, women who are not plump on their chests can choose underwear with fake chest pads, while women with middle chest type can be paired with lace bra and thong.

Part II

Putting on sex underwear, the corresponding coat also needs to pay attention, so as to create a more perfect visual effect.Women can choose to wear clothes, such as short skirts, small vests and leggings.If you want to highlight the waist lines, you can choose a wide belt so that the overall feeling can be more layered.

Part 4: Matching of accessories

The matching of sexy underwear also needs to pay attention to the choice of accessories.Women can match some shoes, necklaces or bracelets.Shoes should be high -heeled, and the heel is a good choice.The strap strap bucking on the ankle will be more sexy.If you want to make yourself look more charming, you can match some sexy and advanced necklaces and bracelets.

Part 5: The color of sexy underwear

Color is also a very important factor in the matching underwear.Women can selectively sexy red, sweet pink or charming black.However, it should be noted that color should be matched with age, occasion and objective environment.Different colors and occasions need to be matched accordingly. For example, you can wear light or white on daily occasions during the day, and you can wear some bright colors in the evening.

Part 6: Selection of texture

The texture of sexy underwear is very important.Because women need to wear sexy underwear for a long time on some occasions, so that they need to choose the convenient and breathable material.Selecting air permeability and highly comfortable fabric material can reduce squeezing and friction, reduce the stimulation of underwear to the skin, and make women more comfortable when wearing underwear.

Part 7: Maintenance of sexy underwear

How to maintain sexy underwear?When women buy sexy underwear, they can choose to put them in the gauze bag to pay attention to cleaning, or soak them in 30 degrees of water for 15 minutes.Be careful not to use washing powder or laundry fluid, etc., it will produce irritating things to wash sexy underwear.At the same time, you should also pay attention to dress when drying.

Part 8: Self -confidence in wearing sexy underwear

The most important thing for wearing sex underwear is to have confidence.Women should know that they are very beautiful to wear sexy underwear; and if they want to show the best state on the street, or to better enjoy this beautiful feeling, they still need to devote themselves.Therefore, when wearing sexy underwear on the street, women must have enough confidence.


As a woman’s fashion clothing, sexy underwear looks mysterious and interesting in the eyes of many people.Walking on the streets wearing sexy underwear may bring some embarrassment and challenges.However, if women can wear and match in terms of choice, matching, color and texture, then sexy underwear will add a lot of confidence to women, and at the same time make women more sexy and charming.

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