Wang Yu Shan Fun Underwear Photo


Wang Yushan is a vibrant and charm of local models. She recently showed a sexy side when shooting a set of sexy underwear.

Colorful sexy underwear

In this group of photos, Wang Yushan put on various colorful sexy underwear, tempting the audience’s attention.Among them, the most attractive is her sexy black underwear, which can highlight her perfect figure.

Sexy Half Cup Design

The sexy underwear worn by Wang Yu Shan has a significant feature: half cup design.The design of the half cup can better show the curve of women and increase visual suspense and mystery.At the same time, it can make the chest more upright.

Lace detail design

In this set of sexy underwear photos, we can see many lace details.Lace is a common design element in sexy underwear. It can increase the tenderness of women and make women more sexy and charming.

Belt detail design

In addition to lace, the details of the strap are also very important.This batch of sexy underwear adopts a variety of straps, such as bow, thin band, cross straps, etc. These details make sexy underwear more personalized and fashionable.

Perspective design

Perspective design is also one of the common design elements of sexy underwear.This red perspective underwear can perfectly show Wang Yushan’s body lines, and the delicate lace decoration makes her more tempting.

Mixing underwear

This set of sexy underwear also includes some adjustment underwear, which can effectively change the shape and make the figure more perfect.These underwear are made of high elastic materials, making the body feel comfortable and achieved.

Rear strap design

In this set of sexy underwear, we can also see some design of rear straps.The rear strap can adjust the size, making the underwear more comfortable and paste, showing a perfect visual effect.


From this set of sexy underwear photos, we can see that Wang Yushan’s sexy side shows vividly.Interest underwear is not only a kind of clothing, but also a way to show women’s sexy and charm.The exquisite and details of the underwear design determine the sexy level of the underwear.I hope that this set of photos can bring you some design inspiration for sexy underwear and make women more confidently show their sexy charm.

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