Wear sex underwear and boss in the office

Wear sex underwear and boss in the office

The office is a place where people work, create and communicate, and are a professional and formal occasion.However, some people may try to wear sexy underwear in the office, maybe to challenge themselves or inspire eroticism.However, colleagues or bosses may not appreciate this behavior, which may lead to an awkward situation.So, how should I deal with sexy underwear and boss in the office?

Choose the appropriate sexy underwear

First of all, if you decide to wear fun underwear in the office, then you need to choose the right underwear.When choosing a sexy underwear, you must consider whether the underwear style is consistent with the office culture, whether it reveals too much skin, and whether it is suitable for your body.

Consider office culture

To wear sex underwear in the office, you need to consider the company’s office culture.Some companies allow more casual wear styles, but some companies require employees to maintain professional and formal.Therefore, before deciding to wear, we must first understand the company’s culture.

Respect the feelings of others

It should be aware that wearing erotic underwear in the office may offend the feelings of others.Considering that others may feel uncomfortable, they should abide by proper dress requirements to avoid unnecessary attention.

Comply with the dress rules

Each company has its own dress regulations, and should be familiar with and comply with these regulations.If the company stipulates that you must wear formal clothing, it is undoubtedly inappropriate to wear sexy underwear.Therefore, we should abide by the rules of dress to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Consider how to deal with potential embarrassing situations

Even if you have a self -confidence in wearing sexy underwear, an awkward situation may still occur in the office, so it is important to consider how to deal with this situation.Try to master some response solutions to ensure that your self -esteem and workplace image can be protected.

Balance work and personal image

Although the office is occupation and formal occasions, if the personal image is too conservative and rigid, it will also make people feel uncomfortable.Therefore, balanced work and personal image are very important.If you choose to wear fun underwear, make sure it is not too exposed or excessive to tease, so as to avoid bad impressions to others.

Facing negative reactions

On the issue of disputes, there will always be people with different views on you.If you choose to wear sex underwear in the office, someone will continue to evaluate you negatively.Although this may be frustrated, you need to learn how to face negative reactions and be responsible for your behavior.


It is a controversial and uncertain issue in the office in the office.What to choose to wear involves many factors such as culture, etiquette, company regulations, and personal image.In this regard, we need to maintain an open and humble attitude to avoid hurting the feelings of others and the image of the workplace.

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