Wearing a sexy underwear on the street to expose yourself

Basic classification of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a kind of clothes specifically for sexy or fun.They come from different types of design and materials.The most common types include the following:

Sexy stockings: including fish net stockings, lace stockings, net socks, stockings, etc.Unique weaving or patterns can make women’s legs more sexy.

Lace underwear: This sexy underwear is usually some lace -trimmed underwear.They have different styles, including G -shaped pants, thongs, T -shaped pants, briefs and high waist pants.

Pantanic socks: This kind of sexy underwear is full body benefits. It is like a transparent grid socks wearing the whole body, giving people a great visual temptation effect.

Chest sticker: The chest paste is sticked on the breast to display more skin in the case of showing the back of the back or chest.The unique decoration of the chest sticker makes the shape plump and beautiful.

The history of wearing a sexy underwear on the street

Wearing a sexy underwear on the street is not a complete new idea. In Europe more than 500 years ago, women wearing tight high -necked lower clothes. This kind of sexy underwear makes women look more graceful and play a visual sexy temptation.In recent years, more and more people have begun to think that erotic underwear is more suitable for matching and fashionable dressing.Not only wearing pajamas and underwear in the bedroom.

Several ways to wear sexy underwear as daily wear

Many fashion magazines, fashion information websites, models and artists are showing their sexy charm with the help of sexy underwear, which also allows more people to try to wear sexy underwear.Here are some ways to incorporate sex underwear into daily clothes:

Make a suspender -style sexy underwear with jeans and a pair of sandals to form a casual and natural feeling.Make the once sexy underwear into one of the daily clothing.

In winter, wearing a monochrome sweater on a sexy underwear to form a layer of layer of clothing, it can highlight the figure and keep warm.

Use a lot of sexy underwear, such as suspenders and strap dresses or leap -up skirts, which will not give people a feeling of being too exposed, unrestrained and vulgar.

Some precautions for sexy underwear on the street

You need to be careful to wear sexy underwear on the street.Here are some details that need attention:

Color: bright, white, heavy black or dark blue blue is a good choice.Other colors that are too gorgeous or considered to be sexy should be avoided.

Scene: If the sexy underwear is too bare, avoid wearing in churches, commemorative parks, and other places worthy of respect and mourning.In the office or other places that need professional dress, you must also avoid this dress.

Just right: It is very important to spend overly seductive excessiveness.Choose a fabric that looks like some professions or the choice of roughly similar colors under the upper body can help achieve better results.

Skills of sexy underwear

When wearing a sexy underwear, it is also important to match.The following are some noteworthy techniques:

Pay attention to the material of the underwear: the material of the underwear should be matched with the matches to avoid the difference between the outerwear and the underwear material.

Avoid excessive accessories: Avoid mushrooms, red roses, or other overly bright sexy lingerie styles.And avoid wearing other accessories, such as necklaces and earrings.

You must know the layers: you must know how to use sexy underwear for layered matching. You can wear dark corset to match with light -colored tops, leaving others a deep and shallow sense of mystery.

Falling underwear brand introduction

The more sexy underwear brands on the market are increasing. The following are some brands suitable for going on the street:

Victoria’s Secret: It is definitely the largest and most famous sexy underwear brand.Its style, quality and color choice are first -rate.

Fredrick’s of Hollywood: Founded in 1946, the brand’s sexy underwear design is novel, sexy, and bold.It is also suitable for wearing on the street.

La Perla: European brand, focusing on fashionable and supreme craftsmanship.Limited to both high -end products of fashion and comfort.

Market trend of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is one of the fastest growing market segments in the adult clothing market.At present, many brands and designers are trying to focus on global sexy underwear style.Most of the sexy lingerie brands are innovative in maintaining the original design style, trying to launch new and colorful design and styles.

Opinions of wearing sexy underwear on the street

Wearing sexy underwear on the street is a controversial topic.For some people, this is a new way to express self and let go of freedom.However, for others, this dress may be regarded as a behavior that deviates from public morality.Despite these different views, most people think that on the right occasions, a mature sexy lingerie is a sexy, Zuo Rouwan and full of personality.

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