Wear sex underwear, milk novel collection

Wear sex underwear, milk novel collection

In today’s society, sexy underwear is no longer exclusive to women, but has become a symbol of attracting and caring for each other between couples.Especially in daily life, many women wear sexy underwear to add interest.The scene of wearing sexy underwear and feeding has become a frequent plot in the novel.Let’s introduce these plots one by one.

1. The girl who looks innocent

There is such a situation in the novel. When the girl looks very innocent, she will wear sexy sexy underwear.Girls in this situation can be nanny, school flowers, nurses, etc. No matter what identity, as long as they wear sexy underwear, it will make men feel a very special temptation, or even a teasing.

2. Preparation before breastfeeding

In order to make the novel more realistic, the author will describe many descriptions of the scene.When you are about to wear a sexy underwear to eat milk, you will start describing from the preparation of the heroine before wearing a sex lingerie.For example, clean the chest and apply a soft cream around the nipple to make it more sensitive.

3. Peach -colored gauze underwear

In the novel, peach -colored gauze underwear is described as a very sexy and special underwear.Even without any movements, women who wear it can still show their charm.Moreover, when wearing this underwear, the breasts of women will become fuller and upright. When men see such a chest, they will naturally try to test it.

4. Passionate kiss

In the novel, the enthusiastic kissing is a description of this: The heroine enters the room wearing a sexy underwear and kisss with the actor.The actor’s hand could not help but start to move around the heroine. When he stopped on the heroine’s breasts, the heroine’s breasts would be fuller, and she would make a slight gasp from the man’s mouth.

5. The collision of the tongue

When a man’s hand became more and more sensitive, he began to hug the heroine’s body and licked his lips and tongues across their bodies.There is such a description in the novel: When the actor’s lips licked on the nipple of the heroine, her entire body became more sensitive, and naturally screamed, and the leading actor also turned around to suck the heroine’s nipples to respond quickly to respond quicklyEssence

6. Mobility of the mouth

There is such a scene in the novel: When a man first started to breastfeed, he would gently suck the heroine’s nipple.When their bodies are full of passion, men’s movements become more wild.He would suck the heroine’s nipples and licked around the areola from time to time.

7. Sexy accessories

In addition to sexy underwear, some sexy accessories will appear in the novel.For example, embroidered patterns, brooches, stockings, and so on on the shirt.These accessories not only make women more sexy, but also bring great visual impact effects, add more interest to the novel.

8. A eat across clothes

Sometimes, the style of erotic underwear and the elegant color do not meet the requirements in the novel.Therefore, more plots will appear "eating milk across clothes".In this context, the actor wears clothes to eat milk, which will make the entire scene more exciting.

in conclusion

The scene of wearing sex underwear and feeding is very common in novels. Women who wear sexy underwear can not only seduce men, but also make them feel more confident and sexy.Interest underwear is a way to stand out in daily life, and it is also an essential prop to increase interest.In real life, women can also wear sexy underwear to add interest to themselves and enjoy richer life. At the same time, they can better promote the feelings between couples.

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