Wearing a sexy lingerie shopping experience


We rarely see women shopping in sexy lingerie.Wearing erotic underwear is usually considered to be prepared for special occasions or associated with special people.However, sexy underwear can also be a fashion that is suitable for displaying in daily life.


As a sexy underwear expert, I decided to conduct an experiment and go shopping in sexy lingerie.I chose a regular weekend afternoon and shopping with my friends.I admit that the self -confidence when wearing a sexy underwear is very unusual.However, will this self -confidence disappear over time?How should I cope with the reaction around?


I can say very confidently that wearing sexy lingerie shopping is a pleasant experience.Traditional ideas may be that wearing underwear can cause unnecessary attention, but in practice, I have almost no different differences.Except for happiness, freedom, and fashion, I didn’t feel any discomfort.Wearing a sexy lingerie shopping is a comfortable and natural feeling, which greatly exceeds imagination.


Over time, I also met many people who support me.From the salesperson of the clothing store to the stranger, they all share the fun of wearing a sexy lingerie with me.There were even some women who asked me enthusiastically and asked me where I bought better sexy underwear and other questions.

be opposed to

However, I also encountered some people who did not support me.On the square, a group of people once called me "too exposed."I can also hear the whispering of the street: "Who is she?" "What did she go out like that?" I was even pointed at my nose by a stranger.belief.


The experience of shopping in sexy lingerie is actually suitable for any woman.Regardless of your age, gender, body shape, or dress style, sexy underwear is a very sexy, free, and positive body energy experience.In fact, it is a very interesting and challenging thing to wear a sexy lingerie, because you can attract everyone’s attention and show the beauty of women in the world.

Fashionable energy

Wearing sexy underwear is a fashionable energy.Interest underwear pays more attention to the comfort and confidence of wearing experience than ordinary underwear, which can make you feel more free and beautiful in daily life.In some special occasions or associated with specific people, sexy underwear can also make people feel more sexy and attractive.

in conclusion

In general, the experience of shopping in sexy lingerie is very pleasant and confident.We should try to get rid of the traditional social impression and fully support women to show their beauty in sexy underwear.Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, you are worth your attempt.Show your truth, freedom and beauty, let us embrace the world of sexy underwear together!

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