Why is the sexy underwear not clean

Why is the sexy underwear not clean

In daily life, many women choose to wear sexy underwear.However, in the face of how to clean up the problem of sexy underwear, it often makes people feel a headache.Even after strict cleaning, sexy underwear is still easy to change color and deformation. Why?Next, let’s analyze it together.

Different materials cause the difficulty of cleaning

The first problem is that the different material causes the difficulty of cleanliness the cleanliness.Some erotic underwear may use high elastic fabrics, while some of them are made of satin, lace and other materials.These materials are characterized by softness, closeness, breathable, smooth, skin -friendly, etc. High elasticity makes the underwear more fit the body, showing sexy lines to the greatest extent, but the difficulty of cleaning greatly increases.

Washing machine was cleaned too rudely

The second problem is that the washing machine was cleaned too rude.Many people like to use a washing machine to clean their sexy underwear.However, this method will deform sexual underwear due to friction, and it will also damage the lace, lace, pearls and other accessories.Therefore, we should try to avoid using a washing machine when cleaning the sexy underwear.

The cleaning agent is not selected well

The third problem is that the cleaning agent is not selected.For sexy underwear, it is best to use a neutral detergent.If you use too powerful cleaning agents, it will cause damage to the material of sexy underwear, causing the underwear discoloration and deformation.

Insufficient water temperature

The fourth problem is that the water temperature is not enough.When cleaning sex underwear, water temperature is very important.Excessive water temperature will deform the material, and if the water temperature is too low, the cleaning effect is not good.Therefore, when cleaning the sexy underwear, you should pay attention to the appropriate water temperature.

Improperly dry way

The fifth problem is improper drying.Most of the material of sex underwear is lace. Lace is a very fine fabric. Therefore, the corresponding drying method is needed, such as dry air or hand -dried.If you use a dryer, you may deform the material of the underwear.

Improper storage

The sixth issue is improper storage.Sex underwear needs to be stored in dry and ventilated places, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria, produce odor, and also affect the color and shape of sexy underwear.Therefore, we must ensure the storage environment of the underwear and avoid contact with direct sunlight and humidity, so as to maintain the color and appearance of the underwear.

Insufficient cleaning frequency

The seventh question is that the frequency of cleaning is not enough.Sex underwear is directly exposed to the skin. Therefore, the frequency of cleaning needs to be higher. It is recommended to clean it after each wear.If it is not cleaned for a long time, it is easy to cause infection, odor, bacteria, etc.

Wrong cleaning method

The eighth problem is the wrong cleaning method.Some people like to use soapy water or shampoos to wash sexy underwear.However, this method is not suitable for underwear cleaning, which will affect the quality of the underwear, and also remain the detergent, which will cause problems such as discomfort and skin allergies.Therefore, it is best to use a special neutral detergent to clean the underwear.


In summary, sexy underwear is a special sexy underwear with sexy charm. The price may be much higher than that of ordinary underwear.Therefore, we need to understand the material and cleaning method of love underwear. Only correctly cleaning and maintenance can ensure the color, quality and shape of the sexy underwear.

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