Why is there no body hair in sexy underwear model

Understand why there is no body hair

Sexy underwear models are sexy and mysterious occupations. They wear various styles of sexy underwear, showing a sexy and charming temperament.However, attentive people may find that there is almost no body hair on the sexy underwear model.Why is this?

It involves the performance effect

First of all, it is necessary to understand that sexy underwear models are a professional career.Their work is to show sexy underwear on the stage or studio to attract the attention of the audience.In this process, the performance effect is very important, and no body hair can make them smoother, beautiful, and make the display effect of sexy underwear better.

Matching clothing requires better results

Secondly, sexy underwear models usually need to be paired with various sexy clothing, such as Paris stockings, boots, shoulder strap corset, and so on.The matching of these clothing requires better results, and body hair often affects the effect of clothing, and it will also have a bad impact on all visual effects.

Professional emphasis on hygiene

Interest underwear models are a professional profession, which requires them to maintain good hygiene.Sex underwear models usually spend a lot of time and energy on the body’s care to show a perfect image.Removing body hair can reduce the breeding of bacteria, reduce the risk of body infection, and pay more attention to details in hygiene.

Avoid the soft and sexy of the naked scenes

Interest underwear models usually need to perform some naked scenes. This scene requires a soft and sexy effect.And too much body hair will affect the display of naked effects, and even the display of sexy temperament.Therefore, sexy underwear models are usually treated with whole body hair removal to ensure that the performance effect is better.

Avoid the exhibition effect that affects tropical style

Some sexy underwear has the characteristics of tropical style and needs to show special sexual emotional tone.In this case, excessive body hair will affect the creation of the atmosphere and reduce the display of performance effects.Remove body hair can not only make the body more distorted, but also make sexual emotional adjustment better.

No body hair is conducive to healing and enjoyment

The occupation of sexy underwear model needs to face various audiences and serve customers with different needs.In order to allow customers to enjoy a better service environment, removing body hair will make the body surface of the sexy underwear more smooth and smooth.In this way, customers are more willing to accept physical healing and enjoyment, which improves the user experience.

Instrument maintenance requires better attention

The body surface of sexy underwear models often contact various instruments, such as cameras, cameras, radar instruments, and so on.In order to ensure the imaging effect of the instrument, art lessons often remove sexy underwear models.This not only provides convenience for the maintenance of the instrument, but also creates good conditions for the performance effect.

Costume makeup remover requires better convenience

After the performance, the sexy underwear model needs to be removed from clothing and makeup.For models without body hair, this process is relatively convenient and fast.Because hair removal can reduce the time cost of makeup remover, save the energy and time cost of sexy underwear models.

Avoid skin problems

Under normal circumstances, some people’s body hair originated from genetic reasons, and this body hair will also be accompanied by skin problems.Such as itching, skin allergies, skin tingling, and so on.The body of the sexy underwear model is either exposed or wearing sexy clothes. If you have skin problems at this time, it may have a bad impact on the performance effect.Therefore, sexy underwear models will choose to remove body hair to avoid skin problems.


To sum up, in order to show a more perfect image and performance effect, sexy underwear models usually remove body hair.This is not only a professional requirement, but also a professional beauty method.We should respect the professional options of sexy underwear models, understand their work, and share their beautiful image.

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